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CAPO Webinar Series

Cancer and Work: A new interactive website for cancer survivors, health care providers and employers to support cancer survivors with staying, returning, or looking for work
February 22, 2017 -  12 noon EST • Featuring Christine Maheu, RN, PhD

Four ways to search for meaning: Comparing modes of delivery with the Meaning Making Intervention
March 1, 2017 -  12 noon EST • Featuring Virginia Lee, RN, PhD

Responding to symptoms using patient symptom management guides
April 19, 2017 -  12 noon EST • Featuring Traci Franklin, MSW, RSW

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The Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) is an organization of professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, and others dedicated to the understanding, treatment and study of the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and quality-of-life aspects of cancer.

CAPO leads nationally and globally in promoting capacity for, and excellence in psychosocial oncology services to enhance the wellness of individuals and families.

The purpose of the CAPO is to foster and encourage interdisciplinary excellence in psychosocial research education and clinical practice in oncology.

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CAPO Digests are summaries of recent psychosocial oncology research which have published in peer-reviewed journals in and out of the main psychosocial oncology outlets that may be of interest to CAPO members. We hope you enjoy these Digests. If you are interested in submitting a CAPO Digest please contact the CAPO office at

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