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CAPO Digests are summaries of recent psychosocial oncology research which have published in peer-reviewed journals in and out of the main psychosocial oncology outlets that may be of interest to CAPO members. We hope you enjoy these Digests. If you are interested in submitting a CAPO Digest please contact the CAPO office at


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Dignity therapy: Why is it important and what role can I play in supporting it?

WHAT: Dr. Susan McClement, Professor, College of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba; Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit, CancerCare Manitoba, will explain the importance of affirming every patient’s sense of dignity, and provide practical examples of ways that members of the health care team can foster dignity conserving care.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 10 – 11:00 am PST

WHERE:  Room 129, Reichwald Health Sciences Centre, UBC Okanagan

To attend in person, via webinar or teleconference please register at:

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – Everyone is welcome!

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The Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) is an organization of professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, and others dedicated to the understanding, treatment and study of the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and quality-of-life aspects of cancer.

CAPO leads nationally and globally in promoting capacity for, and excellence in psychosocial oncology services to enhance the wellness of individuals and families.

The purpose of the CAPO is to foster and encourage interdisciplinary excellence in psychosocial research education and clinical practice in oncology.

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