Call for a Patient and Family Representative for the Board of Directors

22 Sep 2021 2:06 PM | John Chagnon (Administrator)

CAPO is inviting a member of the public to join the CAPO board as a patient and/or family representative to raise awareness of the challenges and priorities of patients and families affected by cancer. The patient and/or family representative will provide strategic advice and guidance to enhance how CAPO communicates its work to the membership and external stakeholders as it relates to person-centred and quality psychosocial care. The Member will also provide strategic advice and guidance to the CAPO Board in its efforts to increase revenues through fundraising efforts and other funding opportunities.

Role/Responsibility for the Patient and/or Family Representative on the CAPO Board:
  • Share vision and ideas for person-centred care based on patient and family member experience; provide clarification and context as needed on patient and family-related issues
  • Provide strategic advice and guidance to fundraise and/or secure other funds through granting agencies to advance the mission to ensure equity in access to psychosocial care across Canada.
  • Regularly attend and be an active participant in monthly board teleconference/Zoom (in a non-voting capacity)
  • Participate on other CAPO working committees and offer advice on other CAPO initiatives and strategic priorities as needed
  • Represent the CAPO board as a Patient and/or Family Representative at speaker engagements and committee work internal and external to CAPO  
Eligibility/Term/Application process:
  • Cancer Patient and/or family member who can provide strategic advice and guidance on communication strategies and/or fundraising. A family member may include a person who is not directly related to a survivor yet can identify themselves as a member of a patient’s care team. 
  • Two-year term 
How to submit interest:
  • Please email the following information by October 15th to: [email protected]
    • First and Last name
    • Email address
    • Description of Patient Experience
    • City and Province/Territory located in
    • Twitter handle

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