For the second time, the IPOS World Congress of Psycho-Oncology has attained the ‘Patients Included’ conference charter status. This means that the event, co-hosted by the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) and the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) co-hosts, is “committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited.”

IPOS 2022 World Congress will take place in Toronto, Canada from August 29 to September 1.


The Patients Included status is self-assessed and based on meeting all five of the charter’s clauses:

The criteria (bolded) and how CAPO/IPOS plans to meet each one is as follows:

1. Patients or caregivers with experience relevant to the conference’s central theme actively participate in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers.

    The steering committee for the 2022 World Congress has included one patient and one caregiver in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers. These patient and family representatives have lived experience relevant to the meeting’s focus on psycho-oncology.

    2. Patients or caregivers with experience of the issues addressed by the event participate in its delivery, and appear in its physical audience.

    Patients or caregivers with experience in psycho-oncology will participate as speakers at the meeting. Specifically, Bill Brummel, an award-winning documentary produce/director and patient advocate, will deliver opening comments on the first day of the conference. Roger Levesque, a journalist who has written about his experience receiving cancer treatment during the pandemic, is a plenary speaker.

      Our call for symposia this year strongly encouraged inclusion of patients as speakers, and several of our accepted symposia include patients as speakers. In addition, an oral presentation will focus on patient-oriented research approaches. Finally, patients and caregivers will be part of the audience of attendees, and appear in its physical audience

      3. Travel and accommodation expenses for patients or carers participating in the advertised programme are paid in full, in advance. Scholarships are provided by the conference organisers to allow patients or carers affected by the relevant issues to attend as delegates.

      Travel support for all 4 patients speaking in our advertised program is being covered in full and in advance of the event from our conference budget.

      We have advertised four (4) patient scholarships for patients (open to all patient/caregiver residents in Canada). The scholarships are being supported in part by Viatris and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The Terms of Reference for these scholarships can be found here.

      4. The disability requirements of participants are accommodated. All applicable sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other programme elements are open to patient delegates.

        The conference will accommodate the disability requirements of participants. The conference facilities are fully accessible. All applicable sessions, breakouts, and other conference events will be open to patients. In addition, we will have a dedicated rest/break room for patient attendees who require a private space during the conference.

        5. Access for virtual participants is facilitated with free streaming video provided online wherever possible

        We will facilitate access for virtual patient participants, with an active social media presence and use of the hashtag #IPOS2022. Any materials available post conference will also be shared publicly.

        More information about Patients Included can be found on their website at: https://patientsincluded.org/

        You can view the full Congress program HERE 

        In the program you will see PI indicated where the program highlights Patient Audience.