Submission formats

To be considered, abstracts must follow these guidelines:

  • ·      Abstract titles should be brief (maximum of 30 words) and should reflect the content of the submission.
  • ·      Commercial entities/names may not be used in the abstract title.
  • ·      No more than 10 authors can be listed per submission.
  • ·      Each author’s professional title, institutional affiliation(s), city and country must be provided.
  • ·      An abstract is required for all symposium, oral and poster submissions.
  • ·      Abstract content should be submitted in structured paragraph format.
  • ·      Submissions must follow the clinical or research format and either can present patient-oriented content.

Clinical Abstracts:

Clinical content can include development of innovative programs, interventions or service delivery models of care.

Word Limit: 250 words.


  • Background/rationale
  • Methods (needs assessment, theoretical models, interventions, outcomes)
  • Impact on practice
  • Discussion (lessons learned, future directions).

Research Abstracts:

Research content must refer to work that relies on scientific methods or theory development. This can include protocols, literature reviews and studies.

Word Limit: 250 words.


  • Objectives/purpose
  • Sample and setting
  • Procedures
  • Results
  • Conclusion and clinical implications.

For submissions, ensure that you provide the following:

  • Abstract Title
  • Name, City and Affiliation of all authors
  • Presenting author
  • Submission Type
  • Theme
  • Abstract content


Abstract submission is in text format only and the pre-defined topic and type must be indicated. Upon submission, a confirmation will be sent to the email of the account holder. Please note: This email is a confirmation of abstract submission and NOT a notice of acceptance.

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